Attachment upload hangs and never completes
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Attachment upload hangs and never completes


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When attempting to upload an attachment in CA Service Desk Manager, the attachment upload page shows the moving graphic of the paper going into the folder, however it never finishes uploading the file and just spins.


CA Service Desk Manager (ALL VERSIONS)


This could be caused by the Attachment Servlet Path not having a value, or having an incorrect value on the server record(s).


To resolve this issue, you will need to enter a correct value into the Attachment Servlet Path field on each server record.   Do this by going to the Administration Tab > System > Servers, and open each server record, then fill in the field.  A sample value would be:   "http://ServerHostName:8080/UploadServlet"

Do this for each server record for each server in your environment.

No recycle is needed.