Admin UI Install issue R12.7
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Admin UI Install issue R12.7


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


The CA SSO r12.7 AdminUI is being installed on a Windows Server 2012 R2 server.  The installation is going to a drive other than the default C:\ volume.  (e.g. D:\ or D:\).   When 'FSUTIL' is used to configure the '8dot3name' and to set the ShortName it returns an "Access Denied" error.  This occurs even if the user logged onto the Server with an administrator account and launched CMD.exe with elevated privileges (i.e. Run As Administrator).


D:\>fsutil file setshortname "D:\Program Files" PROGRA~1 

Error: Access is denied. 


AdminUI: r12.7Policy Server: r12.7Policy Server OS: Windows Server 2012 r2


1) Launch the Windows Server in 'Safe Mode'.

a) 'Right-click' START and select RUN

b) Type 'msconfig' then hit ENTER to open the System Configuration Dialogue box.

c) Select the BOOT tab.

d) Set the flag for "Safe Boot", the Minimal radio button will be selected by default.

e) 'Click' OK

f) Restart the server.  The server will automatically start in Safe mode.

2) Configure the volume to allow '8dot3name'

a) Launch cmd.exe with elevated privileges

b) run the following command:

fsutil 8dot3name query

c) Verify that "The registry state is: 2 (Per volume setting - the default)"

d) Run the following command:

fsutil 8dot3name set <VolumePath> 0

Example: fsutil 8dot3name set E: 0

3) Set the ShortName

a) run the following command:

fsutil file setshortname <pathname> <shortname>


fsutil file setshortname "E:\Program Files" PROGRA~1



After the prerequisite and the Administrative UI installations are finished, you can disable 8dot3 name creation by entering the following command:

fsutil 8dot3name set VolumePath 1

You can also revert the boot options on the server in MSCONFIG so it no longer boots into safe mode.  Now you should be able to successfully re-install with AdminUI-Pre-Req and AdminUI.

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