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After applying Patch v4.0.170601 to API Portal 4.0, it doesn't start up with errors.


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CA API Developer Portal CA API Gateway


If your CA API Portal 4.0 is installed without an SMTP server, it may not start up properly after applying the Patch v4.0.170601 with the following messages shown by "journalctl -u apim-portal".

[Case 1] PORTAL_SMTP_SSL_CERT="/etc/ca/apim-portal/certs/{{ SMTP_CERT }}" in

Aug 29 16:31:42 systemd[1]: Starting CA On-premise Portal...
Aug 29 16:31:42 start-portal[11581]: Sourced /etc/ca/apim-portal/
Aug 29 16:31:42 start-portal[11581]: PORTAL_SMTP_USE_SSL has been deprecated. Defaulting to true.
Aug 29 16:31:43 start-portal[11581]: 2017-08-29 16:31:43,093 - ERROR - __main__::main - sequence item 1: expected string, StrictUndefined found

[Case 2] PORTAL_SMTP_SSL_CERT="notinstalled" in

Aug 29 16:39:35 systemd[1]: Starting CA On-premise Portal...
Aug 29 16:39:35 start-portal[11676]: Sourced /etc/ca/apim-portal/
Aug 29 16:39:35 start-portal[11676]: PORTAL_SMTP_USE_SSL has been deprecated. Defaulting to true.
Aug 29 16:39:35 start-portal[11676]: 2017-08-29 16:39:35,298 - ERROR - __main__::main - [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'notinstalled'



CA API Portal 4.0 installation without an SMTP server.


Setting the value of PORTAL_SMTP_SSL_CERT to "notinstalled" in the file doesn't work with the Patch v4.0.170601. The value must be an existing file.


If you didn't integrate an SMTP server with your CA API Portal 4.0 and it doesn't start up after applying the Patch v4.0.170601, you need to modify the /etc/ca/apim-portal/ file on the portal host. PORTAL_SMTP_SSL_CERT should be set to the same value with PORTAL_APIM_TPS_SSL_CERT. It would be the simplest workaround. For example,


# Certificate Locations
export PORTAL_SMTP_SSL_CERT="/etc/ca/apim-portal/certs/{{ SMTP_CERT }}"
export PORTAL_APIM_TPS_SSL_CERT="/etc/ca/apim-portal/certs/apim-tps.crt"


# Certificate Locations
export PORTAL_SMTP_SSL_CERT="/etc/ca/apim-portal/certs/apim-tps.crt"
export PORTAL_APIM_TPS_SSL_CERT="/etc/ca/apim-portal/certs/apim-tps.crt"