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After installation or upgrade of Service Desk Manager (SDM) to 17.0, it no longer works and is throwing SQL related errors.


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After the installation or upgrade of Service Desk Manager to version 17.0, the application no longer works due to connection issues with Microsoft SQL Server.

Running "sql_check_db -c" yields:
ERROR: AHD50072:Unable to log in to SQL Server


After running "sql_check_db -c" the checkdb logs located in "NX_ROOT\logs" also shows:
Failed to logon to SQL Server (<SQL SERVER HOSTNAME>) Reason: Unknown Error


Service Desk Manager 17.0  Microsoft SQL Server


Starting with Service Desk Manager 17.0, an additional prerequisite was added which is the "Microsoft SQL Server Native Client" which was not a requirement in previous versions.


The latest version of the SQL Server Native Client is "Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 2012". Please note that Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 2012 will work with both SQL Server 2014 and SQL Server 2016 as there is no SQL Server Native Client 2014 or 2016.   "Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 2012" can be found in the Feature Pack for SQL Server 2012 which is located at:

The specific file you are looking for is "sqlncli.msi" Please note there is a 64-bit version and a 32-bit version.


Download the one that matches the Operating System's architecture and install it on every Service Desk Manager server.

After installation verify the issue is resolved by running "sql_check_db -c" again. It should now be successful.

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