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CA CSM with Java 8 uses excessive CPU and generates excessive lines of output


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


CA CSM is using excessive CPU and generating excessive lines of output with Java 8. This is a sample of the output:

13:11:57.667 [DiscoveryControllerWorker] INFO o.a.a.b.TransportConnector - Connector vm://embeddedMaasBroker started 

13:11:57.669 [DiscoveryControllerWorker] WARN o.a.a.n.DiscoveryNetworkConnector - Could not start network bridge between: vm://embe 

ddedMaasBroker and: tcp://msHubServer:61616 due to: msHubServer 

13:11:57.670 [DiscoveryControllerWorker] INFO o.a.a.n.NetworkConnector - Network Connector DiscoveryNetworkConnector:EMBEDDED_BROKE 

R_MTCA-VSYS.CORP.BCBSM.COM-10h6tg4tictrd380htbb3b25t1:BrokerService[embeddedMaasBroker] started 



Release: MSMNGR00200-5.1-Chorus Software Manager


Check to see if the instance of Java 8 is being shared with the MTCA application and if it is install the security interface for MTCA.