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After Accessing A Program Is Accessed And Return Is Used, Properties Subpages Shown Are For Projects And Not For Programs


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


When the Return button is used from a page that has been reached from a link in a Program, although the pages shown seem to be a Program, its Properties subpages are for a Project.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create custom sub object 'z_object' on Project object
  2. Create custom attribute 'z_attribute' on Cost Plan object of type Number
  3. Add attribute 'z_attribute' to the Property view of Cost Plan object
  4. Create custom link 'z_link' with action 'z_object Properties' and set the 'z_object Internal ID' to 'z_attribute'
  5. Add attribute 'z_attribute' to the List view of Cost Plan object and set link for it to 'z_link'
  6. Create Project object instance of type Program
  7. Create 'z_object' object instance on the program
  8. Note down internal ID of created 'z_object' object instance (e.g.: 5000000)
  9. Create Cost Plan object instance on the program
  10. Set attribute 'z_attribute' to the value from step 8 (e.g.: 5000000)
  11. Navigate to Cost Plan List view
  12. Click on link on attribute 'z_attribute'
  13. Press Return button
  14. Hover over Properties tab

Expected Results: Subpages shown are Subpages from Program

Actual Results: Subpages shown are Subpages from Project


This issue has been reported for CA PPM v15.1. This has also been observed in v15.2.


This has been logged to Engineering as DE35061.



This is under investigation by Engineering.