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Idea Category is not showing results if a Drop Down field


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise



1. Add both Idea Type and Idea Category to the create page of the idea as pull downs: 
a. Go to Administration->Objects-Idea->Views 
b. Click 'Layout: Create' 
c. Click on the properties icon next to General 
d. Move 'Idea Type' and 'Idea Category' from Available to one of the Selected columns (if not there already), click 'Save and Return' than 'Return' to navigate back to Views 
e. Click on the Fields link next to Idea Properties 
f. Click on the Properties icon next to 'Idea Type' and ensure 'Display Type' is set to 'Pull-Down' then click 'Save and Return'
g. Click on the Properties icon next to 'Idea Category' and change 'Display Type' to 'Pull-Down' then click 'Save and Return'
2. Go to Home->Ideas and click 'New'
3. Select the drop down for 'Idea Category'
Expected Results: A list of available values is displayed 
Actual Results: No values are displayed, only '[--Select--]' shows in the Idea Category window 


This is caused by DE36146


This issue applies to CA PPM 14.3 patch 10, 15.1 and 15.2 (not reproducible in 14.4 or 14.3 base)



This issue is no longer reproducible in CA PPM 15.3

1. If 'Idea Type' is a pull-down, once you select a value from that drop down, the 'Idea Category' pull-down values are available to select. You can change 'Idea Type' back to '[--Select--]' if you do not want to have a value populated there and the 'Idea Category' will still work. 

2. If 'Idea Category' is a browse display type, and 'Idea Type' is a pull-down, you can click the x in the 'Idea Type’ field and then the 'Idea Category' field works as expected. 

3. Change the 'Display Type' of 'Idea Category' to 'Browse'.