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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Trying to set up a separate Web Server on another server.  Copied over the Apache files from a working 4.2 file.  Something was missed.  The 4.2 TDM Portal is working, but the WebServer gives this error:

"The Server is not reachable. Could not perform the action."

Tiles can be published, but over the Tiles in the Self Service Portal, the above error message in red is displayed.


The following was reviewed:

The CA TDM Portal was started up the same user as the other TDM services.

The selected connection profile is valid, and I have tried a restart of the Portal service as suggested on communities. 

Portal service is running as "Local System" account. 
Logged in as a User after I was logged in as administrator and still see the same issue. 

Looked in the log files for TDM Portal, but nothing was related directly to this error.


TDM Portal 4.2


We needed to add four services to the Apache config file "httpd" to fully describe all the 13 services. 

The four new services from 3.8 to 4.2 are listed below: 

ProxyPass /TestDataManager https://TDM APP SERVER/TestDataManager 
ProxyPassReverse /TestDataManager https://TDM APP SERVER/TestDataManager 

ProxyPass /TDMvDataService https://TDM APP SERVER/TDMvDataService 
ProxyPassReverse /TDMvDataService https://TDM APP SERVER/TDMvDataService 

ProxyPass /TDMLegacyExecuterService https://TDM APP SERVER/TDMLegacyExecuterService 
ProxyPassReverse /TDMLegacyExecuterService https://TDM APP SERVER/TDMLegacyExecuterService 

ProxyPass /TDMDataReservationService https://TDM APP SERVER/TDMDataReservationService 
ProxyPassReverse /TDMDataReservationService https://TDM APP SERVER/TDMDataReservationService 

The path for the file modified was <<INSTALL_PATH>>/Apache24/conf/httpd