CA Siteminder Auto Startup script is not working
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CA Siteminder Auto Startup script is not working


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


We followed below steps to configure policy server Auto Startup but it is not coming up automatically after the reboot.

1. Modify the S98M script by replacing every instance of the string “nete_ps_root” with an explicit path to the CA Single Sign-on installation directory.

Example: /export/ca/siteminder

2. Change the directory to the siteminder installation directory.

3. Enter su and press ENTER.

Note: Do not use the suse command.

You are prompted for a password.

4. Enter the root password and press ENTER.

5. Enter $ cp S98sm /etc/rc2.d and press ENTER.

s98sm automatically calls the stop-all and start-all executables, which stop and start the Policy Server service when the UNIX system is rebooted.


R12.52 SP1 CR05 on Redhat 6


The startup script was not present under the runlevel folder which is mentioned under inittab file


open inittab file from /etc and find the line which contains ":initdefault:" 

cat /etc/inittab 


--> The number 5 in this line shows you in which rc folder you should put the script 

For Ex: 

id:5: then you should put it in /etc/rc5.d 

id:3: then you should put it in /etc/rc3.d 


Once the you copy the script then reboot the box.

Additional Information

The "/etc/inittab" file tells init which runlevel to start the system at and describes the processes to be run at each runlevel. An entry in the inittab file has the following format:




id - A unique sequence of 1-4 characters which identifies an entry in inittab.

runlevels - Lists the runlevels for which the specified action should be taken. This field may contain multiple characters for different runlevels allowing a particular process to run at multiple runlevels. For example, 123 specifies that the process should be started in runlevels 1, 2, and 3.

action- Describes which action should be taken. 

initdefault -> Specifies the runlevel which should be entered after system boot. If none exists, init will ask for a runlevel on the console. The process field is ignored.

process - Specifies the process to be executed. If the process starts with the '+' character, init will not do utmp and wtmp accounting for that process.