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The client just installed CA Intertest for CICS r 10 and when he starts his CICS region he abends with and AEYO abend at start time.


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The clients software factory installed and rolled out a new version of CA Intertest for CICS r 10. The customer upgraded from release 9.1 to r 10.  When the client started their CICS region they received an abend at PLTPI time in program IN25PLT. The abend code is AEYO.


When the client installed CA Intertest for CICS the client only applied one CA Intertest for CICS FMID 

CCSAA00 /*InterTest CICS Component




A  standalone CA Intertest for CICS r 10 only installation requires the following FMIDS to be applied for a valid install.

CCSAA00 /*InterTest CICS Component
CABAA00 /*Common CICS Component
CAVHA00 /*Common Symbolic Component
CABAA01 /*Common CICS DB2 Component   Optional if not licensed for DB2

The software factory reinstalled the product with the required FMID'S.