Message "XCOMM0105E &DATE(DD)-&DATE... DATA INVALID" when using &DATE variable
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Message "XCOMM0105E &DATE(DD)-&DATE... DATA INVALID" when using &DATE variable


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XCOMJOB fails with message "XCOMM0105E &DATE(DD)-&DATE... DATA INVALID" when trying to use the &DATE variable on the FILE= SYSIN01 parameter. Here is how the parameter was specified:

FILE='C:\directory\filename'  +






z/OSXCOM r12


You must make sure that you are using the correct format for the &DATE variable. In this case "&DATE(MMDD)" is not valid. If you want to make sure that the Month and Day is part of the filename then the proper way to code the parameter would be:





Note: The continuation character, "+", must be placed immediately after the single quote, otherwise you will continue to receive the XCOMM0105E message.

Additional Information

Please refer to the CA XCOM r12 User guide for more details on the Symbolic variables and their format.