The InterTest for CICS ITST transaction is abending with an ASRA after applying the compatability patches for CICS TS V5.3


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The required InterTest for CICS maintenance for compatibility with CICS TS 5.3 includes the addition of an RDO group that contains the InterTest for CSD definitions for use with CTS 5.3.  After installing the maintenance and the CICS 5.3 RDO definitions, the ITST transaction is abending with an ASRA in IN70MENU.


CA InterTest for CICS supplies a different RDO group for each supported release of CICS.  The RDO group in use must match the CICS release in use in the region.  Although the CICS TS 5.3 CSD entries were installed, the CICS region itself was executing CICS TS 4.1.       


InterTest for CICS executing in a CICS region


Install the correct CSD group that corresponds to the CICS release executing in the region.  The groups are formatted as INTxxrel where xx=the release of InterTest for CICS and rr=the CICS/TS release.

For example, for InterTest for CICS release 10.0 use: 

  • For CICS TS 4.1, use RDO group INT10066
  • For CICS TS 4.2, use RDO group INT10067
  • For CICS TS 5.1, use RDO group INT10068
  • For CICS TS 5.2, use RDO group INT10069
  • For CICS TS 5.3, use RDO group INT10070  

CICS release 5.4 is currently only supported by InterTest release 11.0.  The naming convention of the CSD groups will change to INT110xx and  

  • For CICS TS 5.4, use RDO group INT11071

Additional Information

The required CICS Resource Definitions for the different releases of InterTest for CICS are found under the heading of "Add the Required CICS Resource Definitions in the following: