What are the evidences that ZIIP and Collection Tasks are being used?


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How to verify that Detector is offloading work to the ZIIP to reduce cpu costs and tasks have been used after making the following change to the CDBAPARM(PDT) member?



/*                    PDT PARMLIB OPTIONS                                */



XMANID     (0000)              /* XMANAGER IDENTIFIER OVERRIDE      */

TRSALL     (N)                    /* TRACE STATUS: LIST ALL USERS ON    */

                                        /*    ACTIVE AND PENDING QUEUES         */

USECOLLTASKS (Y)            /* USE COLLECTION TASKS                     */  <=========

COLLTASKSCNT (2)            /* COLLECTION TASKS 2                         */  <=========

USEZIIP     (Y)                   /* USE ZIIP                                           */   <=========





Component: PDT


Once ZIIP is in use you'll see the PDT0196 DETECTOR COLLECTION TASK PARAMETERS IN USE... in the xmanager log. You can also go to the product(Detector)  and select Option collection status screen (3.c) to see the zIIP usage under column PDT-XM-ZIIP.