SPS Exception : Virtual host is not properly configured
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SPS Exception : Virtual host is not properly configured


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I get a 500 error while I try to access my application .jsp page
through CA Access Gateway (SPS). The URL is

 Secure Proxy Server - Error Report
 request URI : /myapplication/mypage.jsp
 Error Type : SPS Exception
 Error Code : VirtualHostNotFound
 Message : Virtual host is not properly configured.

How can I fix this ?



Policy Server 12.8 on RHEL 6.5

SPS 12.8 on RHEL 6.5



The reason for "VirtualHostNotFound" is that Access Gateway was unable to find the matching host value in any of the defined virtual hosts.

In case if the Access Gateway is behind a load balancer, the load balancer MUST include the host header in the request it is forwarding.

If the load balancer does not include a host header or if the value does not match the ones in the server.conf then this error is expected.



- In server.conf, add the _host.example.com to the VirtualHost
  name="default", as follows:

 # Default Virtual Host

 <VirtualHost name="default">
hostnames="_host2.example.com, _host3.example.com, _host.example.com"

 # specify the block size for request and response in KBs



This way you get the request catched by the CA Access Gateway (SPS).


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