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CA PPM Login screen Wipes The Password When Using Chrome v60 Password Autofill Functionality


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


CA PPM login screen cannot use Chrome v60 password autofill (remember my password functionality) as when the autofill dropdown appears and the desired user is hovered, the password appears, but when it gets selected from the autofill dropdown, the password disappears.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Configure Chrome v60 to remember passwords
  2. Log in to CA PPM typing a new user and password credentials
  3. Chrome will offer to save the password. Save.
  4. Log out of CA PPM.
  5. On the CA PPM login page, click on the username field.
  6. A dropdown will appear with at least the password that has just been saved. The password will appear while the mouse is on top of the selection.
  7. Click on the user to fill in the login and password.

Expected Results: Password stays filled and login can be done.
Actual Results: Password disappears after clicking on the user and password needs to be typed.

Note that clicking on the password field and choosing "use the password for: xxx" does not work either (password appears only when hovering the user, but after selecting it, password disappears as well).


This issue has been reported in CA PPM v15.1 and also reproduced in CA PPM v15.2.


This has been logged as DE36298 with Engineering.


Product Management and Engineering determined that this is the intended design as the product is wiping the password when it is autofilled.