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Do not have consistent masking using FDM with Oracle vs Mainframe masking DB2


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


My masking is resulting in issues with inconsistent results between FDM Oracle and Mainframe DB2.  The resulting mask from FDM does not match the same input data's masking from a DB2 Mainframe masking.  The RL_RN code is rendered as two different values, thus producing two different masking results from the same input and same seedlist.


TDM 4.1 GA with ORACLE DatabaseMainframe with DB2 and 5.4 TDM Mainframe release.


Masking Names/Addresses in Oracle and DB2 results in different values.  The RL_RN hashcode is different.   How does the TDM MF masking program mask the DB2 names RL_RN = 2027 as oppose to 2765? Why not use the same FDM RL_RN value? 

TDM FDM masking function HASHLOV hashes on column RL_RN = 2765 (mask to NAME = BRIAN FRIEND) 
TDM MF masking function HASHLOV hashes on column RL_RN = 2027 (mask to NAME = KAREN COVINO) 

Note: We are using DB2 Seedlists to mask consistently for both Oracle and DB2


The issue is in the setup.  

First, in the PARMCD input to the mainframe masking program, set - 


In addition, if the column containing the ssn is a string type which may have leading/trailing blanks set - 

It is important to note that the HASHTYPE=JAVA on the Mainframe parameter side is what ultimately resolved this issue.