Export To Excel Changes Hyperlinks For Files
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Export To Excel Changes Hyperlinks For Files


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Export to Excel changes the file hyperlinks from the portlet. The new link is not correct and it does not work.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to Administration > Studio > Queries, create New
  2. Fill in any info, Save and Continue
  3. Use the following NSQL to retrieve Document ID and Name.
    @[email protected]
  4. Click on Linking tab, then New
  5. Select "Document" Action, map "File ID" to "document_id", and "File Name" to "document_name", then Save, then Return
  6. Go to Administration > Studio > Portlets, create New > Grid Portlet
  7. Fill in any info, use the query created as Data Provider, then Save, Finish and Open
  8. Go to List Column Section > Layout, then add document_name in the Selected Columns, then Save
  9. Go to List Column Section > Fields, then open document_name properties
  10. For the Link attribute, choose the link created earlier in the dropdown, then Save and Return
  11. Go to Home > Portfolio Management > Projects, open any project (assuming full rights), and open the Collaboration tab.
  12. In the Actions dropdown, choose Add documents
  13. Upload at least one file
  14. Add the portlet created earlier to any page (e.g., in Home > Personal > General tab)
  15. Open the portlet. Try to download the file that was uploaded from the portlet. The link generated will look like:
    (note that after the server name, there is: /niku/app?action=dms.viewFile... - this link works)
  16. Use Options > Export to Excel (Data Only)
  17. Open the exported file, click in the link.

Expected Results: Link is the same, link opens when clicked.
Actual Results: Link has been changed. It now looks like:
(note that after the server name, there is: /niku/nu#action:dms.viewFile... - this link does NOT work)


This has been reported in CA PPM v14.3.


This is caused by DE33519.


This issue has been fixed by Sustaining Engineering in CA PPM v15.3.