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Users get disconnected when running reports. The logs show "Invalid column name 'DOCUMENT_SIZE'".


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


After upgrading to R12 SP2, the users get disconnected when running reports.  


CA Workload Automation DE R12 SP2MS SQL 2008 with Windows Authentication enabledMS SQL 2012 with Windows Authentication enabledMS SQL 2016 with Windows Authentication enabled


When upgrading the CA Workload Automation DE R12 server to R12 SP2, the correct user id may not have been used.  The Windows user running the patch must have full access to the database used.  The user id must be able to create and alter tables.   If it cannot, then the DB will not update and the inplaceupgrade.log will show the following error:


Note: The inplaceupgrade is located in <de_install>/upgrades/logs


201708..:21:27.67... INFO - Database is using Windows integrated authentication 
201708.. 08:21:28... INFO - Database connection successfully created. 
201708.. 08:21:28... INFO - dbType is: Microsoft SQL Server 
201708.. 08:21:29... ERROR - Failed sql query: SELECT VERSION from ESP_VERSION Invalid object name 'ESP_VERSION'.


If the DB was not updated, then it will be necessary to re-run some of the scripts.  Please follow the following steps:

  • Stop the DE server. If High Availability, stop both Primary and Standby.
  • Back up the SQL database 
  • Login to DE server as windows user that has full access to the SQL DB
  • Run the following bat two files located in upgrades directory:



  • Start the DE server.   If High Availability, start both Primary and Standby.
  • Login to DE via Desktop Client and run a report.