NCM "Startup and running configurations are different" alarm
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NCM "Startup and running configurations are different" alarm


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Cisco Devices are rearranging Config lines and causing "Startup and Running Configuration is Different" alarms


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


In some instances, when a Cisco device reboots, it is rearranging the lines of the configuration file. The data in the lines are not changed in any way. However due to the difference in the line order, when Spectrum evaluates the Startup config vs. the Running config, the line difference triggers a "Startup Config and Running Config are Different"


Cisco has an open ticket on this issue to determine why some devices are rearranging some lines of the configuration file when Device reboots.

Until the issue is fixed by Cisco, a temporary workaround using NCM Device Family Comparison Mask may be an option. 

Using Device Family Comparison Mask, you can use a Regular Expression to have Spectrum ignore the lines that are affected by the Cisco Device reboot, thus avoiding the alarm.

Additional Information

Configure Device Family Masks documentation topic


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