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The library list of the i5 JOBD is not picked up


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


In my CA-WAAE DE (dSeries) environment, I created a test job to execute a program on an i5 server.

This problem needs a list of specific libraries to execute properly.

Even if I set an i5 Job Description in my CA-WADE job which contains this new list of libraries, at submission time, this JOBD is not picked up by the System Agent.

Therefore the INLLIBL (initial library list) attribute does not contain the new library list when it arrives in the i5 JOB queue.


CA-WADE 12.0 on Linux with the System Agent release 11.3 SP7 on i5 server.But it can happen with any other CA-WADE release and any System Agent service pack.


The Job Description attribute in the job definition is not picked at job submission type.


You have to update the Job Definition to specify *JOBD in the "Library List" attribute of the "Environment" section of the job definition.

And the "Job Description" field must contain your i5 job description.

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