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Risk colour is wrong, its showing up as grey


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


In the 'Project: <project_name> - Risks/Issues/Changes - Risks' screen the Risk icon is not showing up in colour such as green, yellow, red, instead its displayed as grey/white and when you hover the cursor over this diamond it displays in the popup message: 'White (Default Bucket): 800'.  Also the Risk label has a different name, not an out-of-the-box name.


Some uses may change the name of the Risk fields, to find out the attribute name for it please do the following:-

1. Go to the 'Project: <project_name> - Risks/Issues/Changes - Risks' page

2. Click on the Options icon and select 'Configure'

3. Click on the 'List Column Section' tab and select 'Fields'

4. Click on the properties icon and you will see that the Column Label has changed. 

5. Take note of the 'Attrbute' name, in this example its 'Calculated Risk'

6. Please go to 'Administration'

7. Click on 'Objects'

8. Go into 'Risk' object

9. Click on the attribute: 'Calculated Risk'

10. In the 'Object: Risk | Attribute: Calculated Risk - Object Attribute' page, you may have values like this:

White: Default Bucket
Green: Low; From 1; To 3
Yellow: Medium; From 3; To 6
Red: High; From 6; To 9

The value of 800 doesn't fit into the range, hence you would see a grey/white diamond.





The value of 799 doesn't fit into the range, hence you are seeing grey/white diamond.

Please amend the values to fit the range appropriately.


CA PPM all versions


Please amend the values in the 'Object: Risk | Attribute: Calculated Risk - Object Attribute' page to fit the range appropriately.