java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: byte cannot be found by error during Jasper Report Preview


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When attempting to run a new report in Jasper Studio, the preview fails with the following error:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: byte cannot be found by


After selecting or adding the fields to the reports, one of the fields type of data was incorrectly selected instead of java.lang. DATA_TYPE, it was added byte[], this type of data does not allow the report to ran since it is a not valid.


Jasper Studio 6.3.0 or above


1. Open Jasper Studio and select the report with the issue.

2. in the fields folder on the bottom left, make a right click on the field and select Properties, this will birng the properties window on the right.

3. Verify the "Class" field if it has byte[] change it to java.lang.String.

4. Save the changes and test the report preview.