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Spectrum Connector stay in Initialize status when SOI Manager is restarted


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


Each time when the SOI Manager is restarted, the Spectrum Connector status goes into Initialize and comes never to the status online


The getCIsnew Thread is in a hang condition

One can see the following messages in the logfile:

[CA:[email protected]],07-27-17 03:28:26,INFO  getCIsnew                :2009  iteration : 2 passing model handle list from starting 20000 to last index 20264
[CA:[email protected]],07-27-17 03:28:26,INFO  getCIsnew                :2019  child thread - calling take 0
[VBJ ThreadPool Worker id=2 se=iiop_tp scm=iiop_tp orb=2b5cc1f2],07-27-17 03:29:03,INFO  areYouThere              :27    Received Spectrum Heartbeat
[MdrMonitorThread],07-27-17 03:29:09,INFO  isSystemUp               :163   Spectrum UCF Connector , isSystemUp = true


in the correct processing of the getCIsnew Thread the message appear like this:

[CA:[email protected]],07-27-17 09:05:12,INFO  getCIsnew                :2019  child thread - calling take 0
[pool-2-thread-1],07-27-17 09:05:12,INFO  ProcessGetAttrributes    :76    Started  ProcessGetAttrributes for 10000 models, UUID=6f7d3f0a-b7c0-4548-b146-d621d5f62981


SOI 4.0 CUM2 + July 2017 Defect PackSpectrum IM Connector


Spectrum IM Connector patch 2.0.D1.244 can be optained from support through a support case. This patch will be published with the next Connector release.