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Unable to log in Service Desk with any user and EEM GUI is not accessible


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Unable to log into CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) with any user, a login timed out message occurs.

The error message displayed is “AHD04042: login failed for userid('userid'); login timed out (IES 10901)”; no additional errors are recorded in the Service Desk log files.

The login access is configured with CA Embedded Entitlements Manager (EEM) and at the same time it is configured with an LDAP server.


CA Service Desk Manager 14.1 / 17.1


EEM was not able to connect to the LDAP server making impossible for SDM to log in. Without proper communication to the LDAP server EEM will not be able to handle any login request causing the failure described.

When on EEM server there is more than one LDAP server configured and for some reason one of these LDAPs ceases to exist and its registry is not excluded from the EEM settings, hence the error is observed.


1.         Take a backup of the server.xml file located under (..\CA\SC\EmbeddedEntitlementsManager\config\server)

2.         Confirm with the infrastructure team which LDAPs are active

3.         Search for the server. xml file by the expression 'genericldapstore', in this example 'CONTOSO' refers to the disabled LDAP

4.         Delete the entire section pertaining to this LDAP that has been disabled (in this example, 'CONTOSO')

5.         Restart the EEM service


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