CA Workload Desktop Client will not start
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CA Workload Desktop Client will not start


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


When attempting to launch the CA Workload Automation DE Desktop Client application, an error pop-up dialog is displayed which prevents the Desktop Client from launching. The error indicates to check the .log file located in C:\Users\<user_id>\workspace\.metadata.

Upon review of the log file, one may see errors similar to Incompatible file format. Workspace was saved with an incompatible version: 0.



Various Windows versions.Various Desktop Client versions.


One or more files in the workspace folder has become corrupt.


In order to overcome this situation, one will need to delete the entire workspace folder located in C:\Users\<user_id>. This folder may be called any of the following:

  • workspace-CAWA
  • workspace-CAWA-11.3
  • workspace

Once the workspace is deleted, the user can attempt to launch the Desktop Client again. The user will need to define the session(s) again as they will have been deleted with the removal of the workspace folder. The workspace folder is recreated when the application is first launched. Re-define your session(s) and login to the environments