Solaris SPARC Agent Install Fails with Java Error: "cannot execute"
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Solaris SPARC Agent Install Fails with Java Error: "cannot execute"


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When attempting to install an agent to a Solaris SPARC machine, the terminal will first show "Unpacking JRE ...", but will quickly fail with the message "cannot execute".


Solaris SPARC


There are two possible common causes:

  1. The agent installer is for the wrong platform.
  2. The Java version installed is for the wrong processor.


Given the two possible causes above, try the following:

  1. Verify the name of the agent installer. For example, if the installer is named something like "nolio_agent_linux_x64_[version].sh" (where "version" would be replaced by the agent version), that means the installer is meant for a Linux/UNIX environment, not Solaris SPARC. Download the agent installer for the Solaris SPARC platform, then run that installer instead.
  2. If the first step does not resolve the issue, verify that the correct version of Java corresponding to the processor is installed. For example, if an x86 or x64 version of Java is installed, then it is for the incorrect processor, in which case, the Java install should be removed and replaced with a Java version specific to the SPARC processor.