Data Protection 15.2 - Missing "WGN_UPDATE_EVENT_QF_DEF" Procedure on Oracle Database
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Data Protection 15.2 - Missing "WGN_UPDATE_EVENT_QF_DEF" Procedure on Oracle Database


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The "QueryFlags" column in the  CA Data Protection 15.2 "Wgn3EventParticipant" table is used to indicate if the event has associated trigger and/or issue record.  If there are large numbers of participants for each event, delays or timeouts can can occur due to the additional time taken to update the "QueryFlags" in the "Wgn3EventParticipant" table.  It is possible to switch off updates to the "QueryFlags" data (execution syntax below) to improve the performance of iConsole bulk audit operations.  

EXEC wgn_QueryFlags_SP_Switch @noQF = 0 -- Update Queryflags (DEFAULT)

EXEC wgn_QueryFlags_SP_Switch @noQF = 1 -- Don't update Queryflags


Caution:  The @noQF = 1 option will disable the queryflags optimizations and these can only be restored by re-running wgn_queryflags_migrate. Switching @noQF = 1 will have significant search performance impact on customers using this optimization running the management group self exclude security model searching for unreviewed events.  


An issue has been identified in CA Data Protection 15.2 where enabling the 'queryflags' feature by executing the 'wgn_QueryFlags_SP_Switch' stored procedure fails to execute as the 'wgn_update_event_QF_Def' procedure is missing in the database.



CA Data Protection 15.2


'wgn_update_event_QF_Def' procedure was accidentally excluded from the distribution media.


FIX:RO95473 (incorporating Server_x64_15.20_HF044) includes the missing procedure.  After apply the fix to CMS\iConsole machines the procedure will be found in the following location:




FIX:RO95473 is available to download via the CA Support Portal (


Additional Information

Orchestria, CA DLP and CA DataMinder are previous brand names for the product now known as CA Data Protection.