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The IVPIMS01 IVP job is referencing modules from a previous release.


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CA Distributed Database Management CA Database Analyzer for DB2 for Oracle


The IVPIMS01 Installation Verification job is referencing modules from a previous release.

Message ITKE601I reports an older release rather than the one being installed and tested.


Component: DCCADM


The incorrect CIMTLOAD load library is specified in the STEPLIB concatenation.


Either use the JCL variables to specify the correct library names, or edit the JCL to correct the library names referenced in the STEPLIB concatenations.

The recommended approach for customizing the JCL is to use the variables:

//* Please set following variables before submitting the job:       

//*        #HLQ#                                                    

//*        - For the new data sets created by this job              

//*        #VOL#                                                    

//*        - Volume serial of the disk pack where the data bases are

//*          to be created                                          

//         SET IMSRESLB=                                            

//*        - IMS resident library                                   

//         SET MACLIB=                                              

//*        - MVS macro library                                      

//         SET IMSMACLB=                                            

//*        - IMS macro library                                      

//         SET SORTLIB=                                             

//*        - System sort library                                    

//         SET CLOADLIB=                                            

//*        - CA load library                                        


These are then used in the JCL as follows:


//             DSN=&CLOADLIB

//          DD  DISP=SHR,   

//             DSN=&IMSRESLB


If you edit the JCL manually rather than use the variables then make sure that the correct library names are used in each step.

Additional Information

For further information on the IVP Installation Verification job please refer to the installation verification documentation.