Getting JAVA Handshake Exception,Remote host connection, Between Servers When Staging a Test Case


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Installed in a Unix server and trying to add a second server in a secure zone. 

Getting handshake JAVA handshake exception message between servers: Remote host connection during handshake 


Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Submitting a curl which executes a Suite from lisa-invoke. 

2. Getting the below error: 

{} Remote host connection during handshake 


Diagnostic Findings: 

1. You have 1-way SSL, so no keystores are needed on the client side. 

2. We added this property to the SimulatorService.vmoptions file: 

3. Restarted the Simulator Service 

4. Executed your test again. 

5. This time we could see the handshake information in the simulator.log. 

6. We could see the ClientHello and what version of TLS we were sending, which in this case is TLSv1.

7. We did not see a ServerHello message coming back, just a handshake failure.

8. Knew your Server is expecting a handshake with TLSv1.2, so this is why we received the error. 


All Supported DevTest releases and platforms.


Added this property in the file of where the Simulator is running: 




Since only 1-way SSL, these properties are not needed:






Restarted the Simulator Service. 


The test now connects to the Server with the accepted SSL protocol.

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