SNMP Manager Configuration with Customize Port
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SNMP Manager Configuration with Customize Port


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys) CA Workload Automation AE


By default SNMP uses default port 162 across all version of supported WAAE versions. This article lets you know how to define a different port in WAAE.

How to give Customize port number for SNMP manager in AutoSys?


This is applicable on Supported version of OS except Windows.


By default Autosys uses 162 port number to send SNMP traps. However when you want to change the port number. You may have to change snmp-trap and snmptrap port number in services file.

For example in Linux
services in /etc/services
[autosys@XXXXXX-XXXXetc]$ cat services|grep snmp-trap
snmptrap        162/udp         snmp-trap       # Traps for SNMP

You have to replace 162 port with the respective port and bounce Scheduler services.

Additional Information

This KB is only applicable on all supported version of OS except Windows. In windows there is no option to customize SNMP port as it is hard coded.