Servlet Exec 6 AS installation fails with error "Failed to configure ServletExec Filter".
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Servlet Exec 6 AS installation fails with error "Failed to configure ServletExec Filter".


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Installation of New Atlanta Servlet Exec 6 AS fails with error "Failed to configure ServletExec Filter". 

It appears Servlet Exec AS is installed, but there was no file created under Servlet Exec config folder.

When opening Servlet Exec Admin Console, user gets http error 404 in browser. 



OS: Win 2008 R2 Standard release SP1, 64 bit on VMware Policy server: 12.52


We have eliminated user rights or file permission as a cause.

We have also verified customer was using the correct version of New Atlanta Servlet Exec AS installer.

Verified IIS 7 has the "ISAPI Extensions" and "ISAPI Filters" Features installed already.

The true cause of the problem is with Servlet Exec 6 installer requirement for 64 bits "1.5” or “1.6” sun JDK only while installing on 64 bits windows operating system.

While Oracle has stop supporting either version JDK, a lot of customers do not have those version JDK installed out of box.


If you installed JDK 1.7 above, Servlet Exec 6 installer will not find what it is looking for and will behave abnormally.


1. Install latest available patch of 64 bit Oracle JDK 1.6 if you want to install and use Servlet Exec 6.

2. Re-install and config Servlet Exec 6 per New Atlanta installation guide.

Since Oracle has stopped supporting older release of JDK, the combination of Servlet Exec 6 and JDK 1.6 will be considered outdated, support is very limited or non-exist. Newer release CA SSO 12.6 or later uses newer version JDK with tomcat standalone deployment for OneView monitor, Servlet Exec is no longer required, that installation experience is much smoother.


Customer should consider installing Oracle JDK with out of box option and location.  Manually editing Windows registry key may not always help.

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