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CWP value httpDigest.enable not visible


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


To avoid storing HA1 passwords, HTTP Digest is now disabled by default in the Gateway, via the cluster property httpDigest.enable.
As long as digest authentication is set to false, passwords will only be saved using the new stronger SHA512Crypt algorithm.
However the cluster property httpDigest.enable cannot be found in the CWP panel


Component: APIESM


The “httpDigest.enable” Cluster-Wide Property(CWP) does have a default value of "false" assigned to it.
Not all defined CWP appear in the 'Manage Cluster-Wide Properties' screen by default though.

To see the default value assigned for a 'hidden' CWP you can do the following:
  • In the Policy Manager, go to the Tasks menu and select 'Manage Cluster-Wide Properties'.
  • select the 'Add' button to open the 'New Cluster Property' popup 
  • enter “httpDigest.enable” in the key field(without the quotes) and then press tab
You will see the description change to "Enable storage of digest password compatible with HTTP Digest". The default Value of "false" will also appear.