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Autoscheduling is Changing the Task Date even though there are no Dependencies or Assignments


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When autoscheduling in the PPM Gantt, a task's start and/or finish date is changing even there is no dependency, constraint or resource assignment.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a new project in PPM
2. Create two new tasks:
  • Task 1 -  Start Date: 03/09/2018 and Finish Date: 03/19/2018
  • Task 2 - Start Date: 03/14/2018 and Finish Date: 03/120/2018
3. From the Autoschedule drop down, select 'Autoschedule with Options'
4. Enter an Autoschedule Date of 03/09/2018
5. Click Autoschedule

Expected Results: Start and Finish Date of Task2 do not change
Actual Results: Start Date has changed to 3/9/2018 and Finish Date has changed to 3/15/2018 for Task 2


Component: PPRPRM


This behavior is working as expected with PPM Autoscheduling. Because there are no dependencies or anything such as a constraint to keep the date from changing, it's scheduling the second task to happen as soon as possible in the project.


To keep the task from moving, some things that can be done include lock the task, add a dependency, or add a constraint to the task. 

Additional Information

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Reference Automatically Create Project Schedules with Autoschedule for more information on Autoscheduling including how to lock tasks