Event Management log files are not created at Midnight


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Since we installed CCS Event Management on RedHat 7.2, the Midnight .... message is not written into the console log at Midnight.

Instead, the "Midnight .... " message is written when another message comes in at any other time, for example:

AUG-17-2017 00:01:28 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx root Midnight... PROGRAM INFO=15486,caiopr TAG=Linux


pthread_cond_wait() api provided by libpthread library of Redhat/SUSE distribution are not unblocking on SIGALARM signal. 

This api unblocks on HP/AIX/Solaris OS. 

This is the reason why the console log does not get generated at midnight. 


CCS 11.2 SP2 CUM1 with Event Management on Redhat 7.2


An easy workaround is to use the cawto command in the crontab to send a message at midnight:

Crontab entry would be: 

1 0 * * * /opt/CA/SharedComponents/ccs/bin/cawto Heartbeat_msg 

In this sample, variable $CAIGLBL0000 points to /opt/CA/SharedComponents/ccs