How to create a new administrator user in Identity Governance (IG)
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How to create a new administrator user in Identity Governance (IG)


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CA Identity Governance


How to create a new user and assign administrator privileges in Identity Governance?


Identity Governance 14.x


To add a new user you must have the Identity Governance Client Tools installed and configured to connect to the Identity Governance database.

1. Open the IG Client Tool (CA RCM DNA)

2. From menu, select File > Review Database

3. From the new window, select Eurekify.cfg and uncheck the "Write Protected" option, as shown below and click Close button


4. Menu File > Open from Database

5. From "Choose File Type" select "User Database Files"

6. Select "Eurekify_Users.udb" and click Next button

7. From the new window, right-click on it and select "Add User" option from the menu

8. In the "Person ID" field, type the new User ID, type the User Name and other fields as needed. Except the Person ID, the other fields can be changed when you want

9. Click Ok button

10. From menu, select File > Open from Database > From "Choose File Type" select "Configuration Files"

11. Select Eurekify.cfg and click Next

12. A new window will open

13. From menu,  select Windows > Tile, so both windows will be displayed

14. Now, drag the new user created in the step 8 and drop it in the Eurekify.cfg window, you will see the ADD icon as displayed below


15. From the question, answer "Yes to All" button

16. From the Eurekify.cfg window, drag both "Role Name", "Eurekify Admin Role" and "Eurekify Batch Role" and drop over the New User, see the LINK icon in the image below showing the Eurekify Admin Role being dropped to the newUser

17. From menu, File > Save to Database and select Eurekify.cfg, click Next button

18. To verify that the newUser has both Roles, select the newUser and click CTRL+L, it will show all roles linked to the newUser

19. Now you can open the Identity Governance UI and login with the new User

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