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CA Performance Center PC service is suddenly restarted from its wrapper process


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CA Performance Center PC Service is suddenly restarted by wrapper when JVM time out detected. 

Example message: /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/PC/logs/wrapper-yyyymmdd.log 


STATUS | wrapper | 2017/08/01 17:02:45 | JVM appears hung: Timed out waiting for signal from JVM. Restarting JVM. 

ERROR | wrapper | 2017/08/01 17:03:19 | Shutdown failed: Timed out waiting for signal from JVM. 

ERROR | wrapper | 2017/08/01 17:03:19 | JVM did not exit on request, termination requested. 

STATUS | wrapper | 2017/08/01 17:03:19 | JVM received a signal SIGKILL (9). 

STATUS | wrapper | 2017/08/01 17:03:19 | JVM process is gone. 

STATUS | wrapper | 2017/08/01 17:03:19 | JVM exited after being requested to terminate. 

STATUS | wrapper | 2017/08/01 17:03:24 | Launching a JVM... 

INFO | wrapper | 2017/08/01 17:03:24 | Java Command Line: 




OS: Red Hat Linux 6.x


It is the designed architecture that the wrapper restart PC Service when it detected timeout.

In many case, it was caused by small memory setting. Please check the OutOfMemory message in wrapper log.  When you find that, increase memory allocation according with the following document.

Modify Maximum Memory Usage for Each Performance Center Service

If you don't find any symptoms related memory, enlarge the timeout value as following workaround.




Please add the following line into '/opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/PC/conf/wrapper.conf' file and restart CA Performance Center process.



Above setting extend twice of default 60 seconds. This parameter will reduce the frequency of process restarting, but the process slow down period sustaining long time.



Additional Information

CA Performance Center 2.8 added the built-in integration with CA Application Performance Management (CA APM).

Monitor Server Performance with CA Application Performance Management 

This function provides the information for deeply analysis of this kind of Java response problem.