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Seeing HTTP Plugin Load Failure and "Communication 500 Errors."


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


What should I do in the following situation?

After APM CE (CEM) configuration changes, a TIM monitor sync fails with a "Monitor Configuration Status" of "Communication Error 500" showing plugin load failure.

Also, the TIM becomes disabled:

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 Other information:

"Domain Configuration Status" shows as "Normal" 

"Monitor Configuration Status" shows "Communication Error 500"

Clicking on the "Communication Error 500" link or checking the MOM log may show a plugin load error e.g.

TIM Error:

Monitor Configuration Status: Communication Error 500

500 Error cannot load plugin "53" while it is enabled


MOM Error:

INFO | jvm 7 |<Date & Time> [ERROR] [Thread-XX] [] cannot send plugin to monitor id=nnnnnnnnnnn: Communication Error 500: 500 Error 

INFO | jvm 7 | <Date & Time> | cannot load plugin "53" while it is enabled


All Supported APM Releases with TIM


To resolve the problem, do the following if the original plugin jar files are still available for reload:

Delete the plugins from the CEM UI -> Setup -> Plug-ins page.
Restart the MOM, the EM running the TIM Collection Service, and the TIM.
Reload the plugins using the CEM UI -> Setup -> Plug-ins page and "Synchronize All Monitors."
If the original plugin jar files are not still available for reload, then create a support case for further assistance.


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