How to set the heap or memory available of CA Workload Automation DE?
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How to set the heap or memory available of CA Workload Automation DE?


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Workload Automation Agent DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


The CA Workload Automation DE is a Java application.  By default the heap is set to 1 GB.  This may be increased if the server is constantly at or above 80-90% of the Maximum memory available (see screenshot below).


CA Workload Automation DE R12.x


The heap can only be changed on the server side.  
For DE running on Linux/UNIX system

1. Login to the server,
2. Navigate to DE install directory.  Note: Get install location by entering getproperty property("lax.root.install.dir")in CLI (Desktop Client)
3. Next, change directory (cd) to bin directory and locate startServer file.
4. Edit or vi the startServer file and look for "MAX_HEAP_SIZE".  Change the heap number accordingly.
           E.g. If you want to increase to 6 GB, then heap will be like this: MAX_HEAP_SIZE=6144
5. Once done, save the file and you restart the DE service.

For DE running on Windows OS

1. Login to the server
2. Navigate to DE install directory.  E.g. C:\CA\Workload Automation
3. Then change directory (cd) to bin directory and locate file
4.  Edit the file and search for: jvmproperty_3=-Xmx1024M  
      Change the heap number 1024 to higher or lower value.
           E.g. To increase to 4 GB, then heap will be like this: jvmproperty_3=4096
5. Once done, save the file and restart the DE service.

Note: Always backup files before making changes to them.

Additional Information

The entire server (OS) does not need to be rebooted.  Only restart the CA WA DE service for the change to take affect.
The total memory set in DE must always be available or free at system level.  Never set the heap to maximum system level memory.  Always leave 30-40% of physical memory for OS and other applications.  


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