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E03020028 - Can't write to signature file


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


A user is trying to check-out a package and the error is E03020028.


The "Can't write to signature file" error message means pretty much what it says. In each folder that Harvest uses to check out files, there is a hidden file called "harvest.sig". This is the signature file. It holds information about all the files checked into Harvest or checked out from Harvest to this folder. The message is saying it can't write to that file - it usually means one of these things:

- Another user or process has control of the signature file (Are there any background applications such as virus scanners or backup utilities running? Are any other users trying to check out to the same shared folder?).
- The user performing the check out does not have permission to write to the signature file (Is the file marked as "read-only"?)
- The folder is not accessible or is read-only (In this case he's writing to the H:\ drive which is most likely a mapped network drive. He should check to see if the mapped network drive is still connected. Can he create a new text file from Windows Explorer or the command prompt in this same folder?)


CA Harvest SCM all versions and platforms


Check for any of the above possible causes and correct any problem you find.  Quite often, waiting a few minutes and trying the transaction again resolves the problem.
If this does not solve the problem, it is recommended to delete the harvest.sig files and let SCM create new ones during the next check out.