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cdm probe alarm message with top processes information is empty


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


cdm probe alarm message with top processes information is empty 

In cdm probe configuration it has 3 samples configured but in CPU alarm message ,samples show randomly as 1 sample, 2 samples also.


UIM 8.xcdm 6.x


To view the top process information from the cdm probe the default alarm message would have been modified to include the processes information

Average ($value_number samples) total cpu is now $value$unit, which is above the error threshold ($value_limit$unit)  .Top Processes $processes

The behavior shown by the cdm probe is an expected one i.e. when send alarm on each sample option is selected in Setup->General menu of the cdm probe gui

In order to calculate the CPU used by individual processes, cdm probe requires at least two samples to calculate it.

That is why from second sample on wards individual processes are also displayed in the alarm message. 

As far as the first alarm message with “No process details” is concerned, this will happen only on the first sample, from second sample on wards same alarm message will be suppressed with a new alarm message having all the process related details.