Checkbox variables not displaying the same in Portal as in Datamaker


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


While attempting to modify a checkbox variable during a manual publish, the checkbox never opens with the box checked, regardless of its previous state.  In addition, if the valid values are Y or N, those never show up after modifying the value. The values from that point on are Q1, Q2, and BLANK.


The documented process is, if the box was checked, it would show the checked value (Y), and after opening the edit window, the box would be checked.   If the box is unchecked, it would display the unchecked value (N).

Upon further exploration, it was demonstrated that if the check box is selected, the "Type" is properly changed to a "Boolean" type. However, you can change it to "String" if you want.  This was done by accident to attempt to make logical sense between (Yes, No) rather than (True,False). In Datamaker, it works as a Boolean even is the "Type" was selected to be "String". In TDM Portal however, it is treated as a "Text" box and not a "Boolean" box. 

As a workaround, the "Type" was set to "Boolean" even if the two values to choose from were (Yes/No), (Black,White), or (US/UK).


TDM Portal 4.1


This require a patch-  Please check with Support to verify this fix was included if your version number is greater.  Also, please verify that this fix got in a GA version if that GA version release date is later than August 18, 2017.

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