When creating a hash value in file generation, the resulting number shows as exponent such as 1.234543e12 in the portal.


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Long number values are generated and used to create a reproducible seed for a file hashing algorithm.  The 4.1 GA SUM function in the TDM Portal returns an exponential value as opposed to a long string of numbers. 


When summing totals for a hash count in file generation, the number returned is an exponent on the portal in the format such as 1.234543e12 

For Example:  @sum(12345677890123456,12345677890123456,12345677890123456,12345677890123456)@ 

returns 4.9382711560493824E16 when it should be 49382711560493824.  The exponential value is not usable for the file generation.


TDM Portal 4.1 GA


TDMWeb- was provided to fix the issue.  Please contact Support for a patch for your version.  Please note this was not in the 4.2 GA Release.  Please look for it in the GA Release after August 9, 2017.  Ask Support for the release that includes this fix.