REST Interface unable to create Request tickets when the ticket has properties which are set to required.


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Creating a Request (cr factory) ticket works fine through REST when it has no properties or when the category has properties which auto-populate.

It does not seem to work when the request category has properties which auto-populate and some of them are set to required. 


SDM 14.1SDM 17.0


In this scenario it would be recommended to set a default value for the required properties and then make a second REST call to update the value of the property with the correct value. 

For example if CI auto populates, the initial REST call will not allow affected_resource to be set to NULL.

A default value must be set for affected_resource to initially create the ticket, then a second call can be made to set this value to NULL.

You can set the HTTP header X-AttrsToNull and assign a NULL value to an attribute for the update operations.




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