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IBM DataPower Agent Not Reporting Statistics.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


 In this case, the customer had configured the DatapowerMonitor-config.xml to provide metrics for Ambient Temperature,  CPU Fan Speed, Chassis Fan Speed.  The Ambient Temperature was always 0.


Customer had followed the DataPower documentation and information from the IBM DataPower website.  This includes the following:

<status name="EnvironmentalSensors">

<prefix>Environmental Sensors :</prefix>

    <metric statusProperty="systemTemp" type="IntAverage">Ambient Temperature</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="cpu1Temp" type="IntAverage">CPU 1 Temperature</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="cpu2Temp" type="IntAverage">CPU 2 Temperature</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="cpu1rpm" type="LongAverage">CPU 1 Fan Speed [RPM]</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="cpu2rpm" type="LongAverage">CPU 2 Fan Speed [RPM]</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="chassis1rpm" type="LongAverage">Chassis 1 Fan Speed [RPM]</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="chassis2rpm" type="LongAverage">Chassis 2 Fan Speed [RPM]</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="chassis3rpm" type="LongAverage">Chassis 3 Fan Speed [RPM]</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="caseopen" type="Text">Case Open</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="volt33" type="Text">Volt 33</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="volt5" type="Text">Volt 5</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="volt12" type="Text">Volt 12</metric>

    <metric statusProperty="powersupply" type="Text">PowerSupply</metric>


APM 10.5.1 DataPower Version XI52. DataPowerMonitor-4.0


We learned that IBM had changed the keys and values that was needed to pull the information.

Here is the new information to use:

<status interpolate="true" name="TemperatureSensors">

 <prefix>TempSensors|{Name} :</prefix>

     <metric statusProperty="Value" type="IntAverage">Value</metric>

     <metric statusProperty="UpperNonCriticalThreshold" type="IntAverage">UpperNonCriticalThreshold</metric>

     <metric statusProperty="UpperNonRecoverableThreshold" type="IntAverage">UpperNonRecoverableThreshold</metric>

     <metric statusProperty="ReadingStatus" type="Text">ReadingStatus</metric>

     <metric statusProperty="UpperCriticalThreshold" type="LongAverage">UpperCriticalThreshold</metric>


Additional Information

To get the DataPower Agent Extension can be downloaded from this link: