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CA Identity Manager: Possible values for Disabled State


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What do all of the different values for Disabled State mean in Identity Manager?


Component: IDMGR


Here is a list of all of the values: 

ENABLED_VALUE 0 (enabled)
MASK_ADMINDISABLED 1 (disabled by an administrator)
MASK_MAXLOGINFAIL 2 (disabled because they reached max login attempts)
MASK_INACTIVITY 4 (disabled due to inactivity)
MASK_PWEXPIRED 8 (disabled due to password expired)
MASK_PWMUSTCHANGE 16777216 (account is NOT disabled but password will be forced to change on next login)

So for example, if your users are have a disabled state of 3:
3 (1+2) = MASK_ADMINDISABLED + MASK_MAXLOGINFAIL => disabled cause of maximum failing attempts reached