EEM Authentication slowness with CA Process Automation.
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EEM Authentication slowness with CA Process Automation.


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CA Process Automation Base


It takes a long time to log into PAM.  How can we speed up the login time into PAM?


Component: ITPAM


This assumes EEM 12.51.  On the EEM server

1. Navigate to server.xml under C:\Program Files\CA\SC\EmbeddedEntitlementsManager\config\server
2. Backup your server.xml into a different directory outside of the EEM directory and rename it.
3. Edit and server.xml in a text editor.
4. Locate and modify <paged> to true


5. Save the server.xml
6.  Set to "Do not resolve groups":
     a. Log into EEM as the eiamadmin user, navigate to the Configure tab, select User Store along the top, then Group Configuration along the left navigation column.
     b. Set the Global Group Configuration drop down to 'Do Not Resolve Groups'

NOTE:  Leave Application resolution level to Resolve nested groups.

     c. Save the configuration and log out of EEM.
7.  Under C:\Program Files\CA\SC\iTechnology please locate and open with a text editor such as notepad++ the igateway.conf file.
If you need to make a copy of this file, please move the copy out of the \SC\ folder structure to a backup folder.

Search for the term

There should be 2 occurrences of this term and they will appear as


Remove the "a" from the term so that both occurrences of this now read as:

8. Restart EEM