Need to reference the VSE service using the fully qualified domain name (FQDN)
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Need to reference the VSE service using the fully qualified domain name (FQDN)


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DevTest components are installed in a distributed environment and the VSE needs to be referenced using the FQDN.


All supported DevTest releases


In the file for the VSE service, add the property below and restart the VSE service: 

lisa.vseName=tcp://<FQDN or IPAddress>:2013/<VSEName> 


<FQDN or IPAddress> is the VSE Server FQDN or IP Address. 

<VSEName> is the name you want to give to the VSE service. The default is VSE.

If you have more than one VSE service running on the same server add this property to the VSE vmoptions file under $LISA_HOME/bin folder. 

If adding to the vmoptions use the property below:

-Dlisa.vseName=tcp://<FQDN or IPAddress>:2013/<VSEName>


Additional Information

If the remote host can only be accessed by the short name or the FQDN name then there may be an error:

Host name resolution should work correctly as documented here:  Environmental Restrictions and Communication issues

Name Resolution
DevTest requires that hostname resolution work correctly at all times, in both a forward and reverse direction – that is, resolving a name to an IP address must function correctly, and then resolving that IP address must yield the original host.

As a workaround, if it is not possible to make changes to the server, the IP address, the short name and the FQDN name can be added to the hosts file.
The hosts file on Windows is in:
On Linux:

For more information on how to set up multiple VSE services in the same server:

How to configure multiple vse on Windows and vse_matches files