Catalog can not be loaded if SSdb is from different landscape handle type
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Catalog can not be loaded if SSdb is from different landscape handle type


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


As the SSdb Catalog cannot be exported by Modeling Gateway Toolkit, customer would like to load the Catalog from a Legacy Landscape Handle onto a Huge Landscape Handle type.

But the following error is displayed when trying to load the Catalog from a different landscape handle type:

../SS-Tools/SSdbload.exe -ic legacy2.SSdb

Error: Detected incompatible model mask configuration. The database is configured as 20 bits, but the server is configured as 24 bits. Database can't be loaded. Please verify that the load options are consistent with the types of data in the save file. The database has not been changed.


CA Spectrum 10.2.3


Loading catalog is restricted across landscape handle types.


The Spectrum_10.02.03.PTF_10.2.314 PTF patch will allow catalog only load using SSdbload even across different landscape handle types.

Fix contains, checking of huge/legacy landscape environment if model-only-load or all-load is opted by user. For catalog-only-load check is skipped.

Please open a case with CA Support to obtain the PTF patch fix that you need for the version of CA Spectrum you are running.

Additional Information

Here is an example to "move" the Catalog of Legacy Landscape to Huge Landscape:

  1. Install fresh 10.2 with HUGE enabled

  2. Install another fresh 10.2 with dbsavefile migration from existing landscape, this will be a legacy install.

  3. Take legacy.SSdb (the upgraded catalog) from item 2, load on item 1.
The catalog isn't huge or legacy, it is the models that are... So catalogs can be interchanged, models cannot.