Unable to delete key from Gateway


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


Unable to delete key: Key 'XYZ' is in use by the connector for current admin connection.


As the private key is assigned to listening ports


All versions of Gateway


1. create a new private key, for example: ssl9443
2. task -> manage listen ports -> open properties of port 9443, make following changes,
a) on Basic Settings tab, ensure "Policy Manager Access" is checked
b) on SSL/TLS Settings tab, change the "Server Private Key" to "'ssl9443' in sofrware DB"
c) click 'OK' to save changes.
3. login policy manager using port 9443 --> on login window, in "Gateway:" field, input:
4. navigate to Manage Private Keys task, now you can delete keys. NOTE that you can delete "ssl" even it's marked as default ssl key, as your current policy manager connection is using key 'ssl9443'. So be careful don't delete the key you want to keep.

As a safety measure have DB backup and snapshot in place.