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Tilde (~) to Indicate a field is Hidden is not displaying for % Complete Calculation Method and some other Attributes


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


The Tilde (~) is missing for some hidden attributes in the Project and Program Properties Create Layout Views. This includes attributes % Complete Calculation Method and Assignment Pool. 

Note: Other fields such as Cost Type, Category, and Prevent Unassigned Timesheet Tasks display the Tilde (~) correctly. (A tilde is used by PPM to indicate a field is hidden in the Layout sections of objects). This issue is not reproducible in other views such as the Project Properties Layout Edit View.


1. In PPM, go to Administration->Objects->Project->Views 

2. Click on the Fields link next to Project Properties 

3. Click on the properties icon next to ‘% Complete Calculation Method’ 

4. Check the check box next to ‘Hidden’ and click ‘Save and Return’ (Note, in order to make a field hidden, a default must be selected, so if testing with a different attribute, ensure a default is entered for that attribute on the Attributes tab) 

5. Click Return to navigate back to the Object: Project – Views page 

6. Click on the [Layout: Create] link next to Project Properties 

7. Click on the Properties Icon next to General 

8. If % Complete Calculation Method is not showing in a Selected column already, move it from ‘Available’ to one of the Selected columns and click Save

Expected Results: Tilde (~) displays to the right of the field 

Actual Results: No Tilde (~) displays to the right of the field. 


This issue applies to CA PPM 15.1 and 15.2


This issue is caused by DE35006.


This issue is fixed in CA PPM 15.3.